Adult Mental Health

There is ongoing engagement on mental health services in Brent

Brent CCG partners on engagment with patients and their carers with voluntary sector organisations including:

  • Hestia
  • Ashford Place
  • Brent User Group

Read our engagement out reach report here

Patient and Carer story collected at an engagement event in October 2018

A Mother and daughter who have been Brent residents their whole lives and both experiencing poor mental health condition and are known to local mental health services. Mother is the main carer for the daughter whose mental health condition is more severe and requires support from her mother to travel around the borough.  

As recipients of services from Brent, they had become aware of the difference in service provision compared to Harrow and Hillingdon. They both felt very isolated and felt that there was not enough support available in Brent so travelled to both Harrow and Hillingdon to use their local support services include music clubs, art therapy classes and creative activated – however this was becoming increasingly challenging because travelling to these boroughs by public transport was not easy and that as non-residents more services were becoming harder for them to access.

However, since the introduction of creative activities in Ashford Place[1] both the ladies are happy and feel that there is now some safe space in the Borough of Brent for people with mental health conditions to receive support, feel less isolated and more importantly feel supported.

They valued the borough’s decision to invest in wellbeing activities in Ashford Place which is increasingly regarded as a safe space for vulnerable Brent residents. They would like to see similar activities provided around the borough as many people with mental health conditions struggle to use public transport.

Brent CCG commissions Hestia to provide community mental health support services which are delivered at Ashford Place.