Brent CCG launches Health Passport during Learning Disability Week

During Learning Disability Week (16-22 June) Brent CCG launched a new Health Passport to help Brent residents with a learning disability access better healthcare when they are in hospital or visiting their GP.

The Health Passport is a booklet for people attending hospital or other health services. It contains important health information which can be shared with professional staff.

Dr Ethie Kong Chair, NHS Brent CCG said: “Health Passports ensure care providers give a much better level of service to people with a learning disability. The Health Passport will tell them what medical conditions they have, what treatment they are on and also information about their needs and likes.

“A visit to the doctor or to hospital can be very daunting, but this new booklet helps health workers know the health issues and needs of patients with a learning disability.”

There were two launches of the Health Passport, one for 14-18 year olds at the new Village School, in Kingsbury and the adult Health Passport was launched at the Gateway Club at Woodheyes Hall in Neasden.

People with a learning disability can now ask their family, carer or teacher to help fill in the Health Passport and ensure they get the best treatment possible.

For more information on Health Passports contact Ann O’Neill, Brent Mencap, 020 8451 5278 or