Tell us your views on the future provision of extended access to GP appointments!

15 November 2017

We want GP services to be accessible and able to meet your needs. As part of this, we are reviewing GP extended access in Brent, which are the extra GP and Nurse appointments provided in the evenings and at weekends. We need to ensure these are accessible to all patients, offering a high quality service and represent value for public money.

There are currently two types of service that provide extra GP appointments locally – GP Access Hubs and the GP Access Centre. Just under half of available appointments are not used, so our proposed model will condense extra appointments across fewer hub sites so opening hours are more consistent and so we can offer appointments at times when people need them. As part of this the GP Access Centre (walk in service) will become a pre-bookable service, meaning you won’t have to wait as long to be seen and the GP will be able to provide a full service for you. 

Our engagement period is now underway and will go on until Tuesday 9 January at 5pm. Find out more about how you can input into the process. We also have a booklet setting out our proposals which you can download here.