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What are you doing this month to get back to a healthier you?

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17 January 2019

The NHS across North West London has launched a campaign to encourage everyone to feel happier and healthier by making a #MyJanuary pledge.

The campaign is being supported by health and fitness guru Louise Thompson from Made in Chelsea and Vas J Morgan cast member of The Only Way is Essex, who has recently been open in talking about his mental health.

Changes to the continuing healthcare policy in North West London

16 January 2019

The NHS in North West London is proposing to make changes to NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) policy in North West LondonNHS continuing healthcare is a package of care for people who are assessed as having significant on-going healthcare needs. It is arranged and funded by your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

If a person receives care in their own home the NHS covers the cost of the support from health professionals and personal care which can include help with washing and getting dressed.

At the moment, the NHS does not consistently apply a maximum cost to delivering care through this policy in a patient’s home. Our proposal is that where the cost of home care support is in excess of 10% of alternative costs that this would trigger a review to see if the extra costs can be justified.

CCGs recognise that that there will be situations where the cost of care at home is greater than 10% due to the specific needs of individual patients.

The draft policy, if agreed, would apply to new and existing patients assessed as eligible for CHC and receiving care at home.

For existing patients, we would review their care when it is next up for review, usually once a year.

We have written to all patients currently receiving care through CHC to explain this proposal. We are holding a drop in session for patients, family and carers which they have all been invited to and we have provided a number of ways of them providing their views or asking further questions.

The engagement process lasts until 13 March 2019.The CCG governing bodies will review the responses in April 2019.

The amendment may affect a very small number of patients (less than 20) in your borough.

Click here to view the draft policy.  Click here to view the frequently asked questions.

For more information about the change please contact Diane Jones, Chief Nurse and Director of Quality by emailing or calling 020 3350 4815.