Conflicts of Interest Policy published for Brent, Harrow and Hillingdon (BHH) CCGs

10 August 2017

The BHH CCGs Federation Operational Committee held its inaugural meeting on 26 July 2017, where the CCGs met in common and approved its Conflict of Interest Policy. You can view the policy along with the corresponding annexes here.

Brent offers help on TB


18 July 2017

A screening service for Tuberculosis (TB) is available to patients visiting GP surgeries in Brent.

Brent has one of the highest numbers of people with TB in London reflecting a large migrant community from countries with a high risk of the condition.

Choosing wisely: EQIA validation session

You are invited to attend the validation session for the Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) of NHS North West London's proposed changes to prescribing, “Choosing wisely: changing the way we prescribe”.

It has been rescheduled because the original date coincided with the NHS Harrow CCG Governing Body meeting.