Don’t put off getting the flu vaccination

20 November 2017

Flu is an unpleasant illness for most people, but for certain vulnerable groups the effects can be severe. People with a long term medical condition, pregnant women, those aged 65 or over and carers can get a flu vaccine free of charge on the NHS to help protect them against catching flu and developing serious complications. Children aged 2 and 3 can also help to be protected from flu with a quick nasal spray.

Tell us your views on the future provision of extended access to GP appointments!

15 November 2017

We want GP services to be accessible and able to meet your needs. As part of this, we are reviewing GP extended access in Brent, which are the extra GP and Nurse appointments provided in the evenings and at weekends. We need to ensure these are accessible to all patients, offering a high quality service and represent value for public money.

Why it’s important to check your baby’s movements during pregnancy

10 November 2017

In pregnancy, babies' movements are an important sign of their health. If your baby's pattern of kicks and movements changes, you should contact your midwife or nearest maternity unit for immediate advice.