You Said, We Did – Future HPF meetings

You said we did – future HPF meetings

Health Partner Forums are your events, so we have taken on board all your recommendations below and will implement them where possible.

Nevertheless, the points you made are listed below.


More discussion - we would like:

  • more time for in-depth discussion
  • the option to attend two break-out groups (one in the first half of the meeting and one in the second)
  • brief topic presentations at the start of the event so that participants can make informed workshop choices (otherwise they will stick with the subject most familiar to them)
  • consistent, good quality chairing of workshops (perhaps use facilitators from outside organisations)
  • everyone encouraged to talk, perhaps by using smaller tables, or by using other methods to express opinion (e.g. stickers)
  • focus groups - formed out of the workshop discussions - to take forward work on the issues discussed

Our proposals for taking these suggestions forward will be announced in the next few HPF events.

Needless to say, we will certainly use the suggestions above in the course of our work with the forum.


Meeting content - we would like:

  • more patient stories and less clinician-led material
  • to re-visit issues at a later date to assess progress
  • to focus on how engagement can make a difference to future plans (the services that are being planned now for future delivery)
  • less jargon – please use language that is easy to understand

As above, you will be seeing all these suggestions – and more – being put into place in upcoming forum events.


More outreach - we would like:

  • more outreach - HPF going into local communities, using community leaders to bring people together and act as conduits for information
  • the resources/knowledge of outside organisations used to work with different communities

September and January’s forum events in particular will concentrate on using these recommendations – especially as they will be events that will gather views on our priorities for the year ahead.


Meeting arrangements - we would like:

  • meeting times that accommodate young service-users and parent carers (e.g. in school hours)
  • payment of costs for people who get involved

We will be holding meetings at different times and in different venues from now on. The issue of paying costs for people who get involved will be decided by our new patient-led strategy group.


What would you change about the design of the new format?

Although attendees felt the new format was best, we will take into consideration the following comments:

  • More group discussion
  • More residents within the discussion groups and less clinicians and CCG staff
  • More practical help during the event
  • Set meeting rules – no speeches
  • More time but still keep the discussion focused
  • 50 minutes for Dementia was insufficient
  • Not always the same people to talk at every event

All of these suggestions will inform how we run future forum events.


Are there any issues which you feel were not raised in the event?

  • Access
  • Overall funding for engagement
  • Self-help groups
  • Future events should get carers/user/patients more involved
  • Meanings for terminology used
  • More detail - medical explanations of problems to be discussed in full

We will pick these issues up in subsequent forum meetings and via the new patient-led strategy group.