What is the new Brent Referral Optimisation Service?

2 September 2016

Brent Referral Optimisation Service (BROS) is a behind-the-scenes process for receiving and processing non-urgent referrals from GPs to secondary care services such as hospitals.

Bexley Health Ltd will be delivering this service in Brent from 1 September 2016.

The BROS will make sure that all necessary data has been included so that when a GP makes a referral all the correct information is in place so that the referral will be made to the most convenient and appropriate service in a number of hospitals including Imperial, London North West Hospital, Royal Free and BMI. The referral information will be pulled together to try and arrange the best possible triage for the patient.

Further information about the service can be found in this frequently asked questions document.

Your doctor may also have sent you a letter providing you with information about how the service works.