Adult Mental Health

There is ongoing engagement on mental health services in Brent

Brent CCG partners on engagment with patients and their carers with voluntary sector organisations including:

  • Hestia
  • Ashford Place
  • Brent User Group

Read our engagement out reach report here

EVENT - this event has been postponed, new date to be announced

25th April - Redesiging Community Services Engagement Event. Click here for details

Aims of the day
  • Provide information about work to date to develop community mental health services, including provided by the voluntary sector
  • Enable you to share experiences of services—what has been good and what you would like to change
  • Enable you to identify improvements and create a vision for Brent, incorporating gaps

IMG 1556

Engaging with patients on World Mental Health Day 2018

Patient and Carer Storie

1."Both mother and daughter are happy and feel that there is now some safe space in the Borough of  Brent for people with mental health conditions."  click here 

2. "You have let me see that 'G' is way more capable then I ever thought was possible!"  click here

Brent CCG commissions Hestia to provide community mental health support services, which are delivered at Ashford Place