Brent Equality and Engagement sub-Committee (BEES)

The BEES sub-committee, has a multi-agency membership, to include Healthwatch Brent, CVS Brent, local authority officers (Public Health, Policy Unit, Adult Social Care) patient representatives, voluntary sector reps.  The BEES strategy can be found here


Some members of the BEES sub-committee. Organisations represented in BEES: Brent CCG, local authority (Public Health, Policy), Healthwatch, CVS Brent.  The group includes a patient representative.

In carrying out its delivery function, the key work of the BEEs sub-committee involves:


-   Reviewing strategies for patient and public engagement and equality and


-       Ensuring strategies and plans associated with PPE and Equalities are implemented

-       Supporting the CCG to ensure there are appropriate arrangements to engage patients and the public in respect of specific commissioning initiatives

-       Supporting the CCG to ensure effective engagement with patients and the public

-       Establishing arrangements to ensure that the CCG receives, considers and responds to outcomes from engagement and consultation activity and general feedback received from patients and the public

See the BEES terms of reference here and the delivery framework here

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