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8 September 2016

The Brent JSNA provides a comprehensive picture of the current and projected health needs of the local population, encapsulating the main health issues and inequalities which exist in different parts of the borough.

An overarching highlight summary report was compiled based on the Brent evidence base. Some of the key sources of information and intelligence which were used to inform the development of the JSNA include:

Marmot report and associated indicators
Public Health England (PHE) Brent health profile 2014
PHE Public Health Outcomes Framework
ONS 2011 Census
Health and Social Care Information Centre

A series of information sheets have also been developed and these explore how a range of factors impact on the health and wellbeing of Brent residents. These provide a more detailed analysis of the interrelationship of the various wider determinants of health, which includes housing, transportation and air pollution.

You can download these sheets, and more via the Brent Council website