Deprivation of liberty

Deprivation of liberty can apply to some people who lack capacity to make decisions and are living in a residential or nursing home or are in hospital against their wishes.

View more information on the Court of Protection website.

London Borough of Brent’s staff are trained to do Best Interest Assessments on people who might have to stay in a residential home, against their wishes, if they would come to serious harm if they left that home

They work closely with doctors who are also trained to help them with the assessment processand with family and friends as the person may need someone to represent them.

Registered homes and hospital managers are responsible for contacting Brent Council DoLS Team if they think someone in their home is being deprived of their liberty. Contact them in any of the following ways:

Tel: 020 8937 4300

Fax: 020 8937 1989 or 020 8937 4027