Engagement Callendar

NHS Brent CCG has developed an outreach program that reaches across the borough. We understand that not everyone will be able to attend big engagement events in any one particular part of the borough. We know the value of going out to meet with people where they are.

Engaging with Brent's diverse people groups first means getting to know who they are. 

For a fact sheet on Brent's diversity click here.

For the Community Engagement Calendar click here.

Reaching our grassroots communitiesWembleyHighRoad

Given the range of diversity in Brent, our Communications and Engagement strategy has a strong focus on Outreach - going to where people are. To speak to Brent people we go to places like:

  • Asda, Tesco at Brent Park, Wembley Shopping Outlet
  • Children's Centres in St Raphael's Estate and Chalkhill
  • Kingsbury, Wembley Central, Queensbury and Kilburn underground stations
  • GP practices
  • Care Homes
  • Schools
  • Willesden, Wembley Health Centres
  • Central Middlesex Hospital
  • Libaries, Civic Centre other pubic venues
  • Community groups already set up 

We will continue visiting different places where people are across Brent, so that we can hear from as many different types of Brent people and groups as feasible.

Upcoming community engagement dates for your diary!

Have a look at our Community Engagement Calendar.   It is regularly refreshed with new dates/times, venues and health and care service topics. Be sure to add some dates to your diary so you can attend and share your views on services that are of interest to you.

We want to continue hearing from those who engage with us but are also keen to encourage people who have never shared their views about services, or who do not routinely contact or engage with us at our workshops and public meetings. For further info please email: engagement@communitybarnet.org.uk