Engagement review

In August 2014 Brent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) commissioned an independent review into its public and patient engagement systems.  This followed a wider annual governance review started in April 2014.

The final report was presented to our Governing Body meeting on the 26 November 2014. The report made 12 recommendations which Brent CCG has accepted in full.

The report and supporting documents can be found on our website:

Dr Ethie Kong, Chair of Brent CCG, said: “When we drafted the CCG’s initial engagement systems and strategy 18 months ago we set out to make sure public engagement was at the heart of everything we do. In reality, we’ve not delivered on that ambition.

“Implementing the recommendations of this review will put us back on track for ensuring we reach out to a broad group of Brent residents and deliver truly meaningful and effective engagement.”

The review has made 12 recommendations across a range of issues including:

  • Investing more in insight, engagement, outreach and communications functions
  • Strengthening the Health Partners Forum
  • Establishing standard systems for engagement to be used across the CCG
  • Closer collaboration with Brent Council
  • Reorganising the governance structures of the CCG’s committees to clarify the different functions of public engagement and public accountability/assurance

Dr Kong, said: “Some of these changes we can get on with right away; others will take time to develop in discussion with our lay members, the locality patient participation groups (LPPGs) and our wider stakeholders.

“We’re committed to improving patient and public engagement in our work and we’re committed to implementing these changes. I expect to see tangible changes within a few months and a stronger and more effective engagement system in place for 2015/16 and beyond.”

Work to implement the recommendations is now underway.

  • Changes to the CCG constitution were agreed with NHS England in May 2015. This allowed the reorganisation of CCG committees in the way recommended by the review. The last Equality, Diversity and Engagement Committee meeting was held on 20 April 2015, and the first Integrated Governance Committee meeting held on 24 June 2015.
  • Changes to the system and structures for engagement are being developed in collaboration with patient representatives. An update will be provided to the Governing Body on 02 September 2015.

How might these changes impact you?

  • From April 2015, all GPs are required to have their own patient participation groups. These will be part of the new system and structures for engagement. To allow time for these to become established, the CCG agreed to continue to fund venues for the old locality patient participation groups until the end of July 2015. You may want to join your GP’s patient participation group.
  • The CCG is changing the way information is communicated and the way the Health Partners Forum runs. This reflects recommendations from the review, as well as feedback from people who have attended the Health Partners Forum in the past. You may want to sign up to our CCG Newsletter, or come to Health Partners Forum events to find out more about the way services are changing in Brent.
  • The CCG will be recruiting more patient representatives to take part in commissioning. The roles are being defined, and training will be available to encourage applications from people who have not previously worked with committees or with the NHS. For the moment, interim patient representatives have been identified from existing associate lay members and community representatives from the old Equality, Diversity and Engagement Committee. You may want to think about becoming a patient representative in the future.