Patient Experience

Patient Feedback and Invovlement within our providers

The CCG monitors patient feedback and experience through regular contract meetings referred to as Clinical Quality Review Groups (CQRGs). At the CQRG we work with providers to monitor and improve their delivery of performance and quality standards for the services we commission.

Quality Accounts reporting on patient experience and participation for the providers can be found below:

•           London North West Hospitals Trust – LNWHT for Community and Acute services 

•           Central North West London -CNWL Mental Health and Learning disabilities

            and Community services(for Hillingdon Hospital)

•           The Hillingdon Hospitals Trust – THHT Acute services

•           CLCH – Community service provision for Harrow CCG

•           Royal Brompton Hospital (Associate Commissioner)

•           Imperial (Associate Commissioners)

Patient experience surveys include:

  • Friends and Family Test (FFT)
  • In patient, out patient and A&E Surveys 
  • Patient Complaints response times

 Performance and quality standard information are itemised on Brent CCG’s Integrated Governance Committee meetings, which has three patient representatives in its membership.


GP Survey 2019 

Female GP in consutlation


Brent GPs are encouraging local patients who receive the invitation to complete the GP Survey to share their experiences of using services at the GP practice they are registered with. The survey plays a key role in understanding what is working and what needs to improve. It will provide information about the range of ways people interact with primary care staff and how good that experience is.  Read more here