Patient rights to NHS services

Brent Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) supports the principles and values, and undertakes the pledges and responsibilities set out in the NHS Constitution.

Access to health services:

  • Your right to receive NHS services free of charge, apart from certain limited exceptions sanctioned by Parliament
  • Your right to access NHS services and not be refused access on unreasonable grounds
  • Your right to expect your NHS to assess the health requirements of your community and to commission and put in place the services that meet those needs as considered necessary
  • Your right not to be unlawfully discriminated against in the provision of NHS services including on ground of gender, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, belief, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity or marital or civil partnership status
  • Your right to access certain services commissioned by NHS bodies within maximum waiting times, or for the NHS to take all reasonable steps to offer you a range of suitable alternative providers if this is not possible. 

Quality of care and environment:

  • Your right to be treated with a professional standard of care, by appropriately qualified and experienced staff or registered organisation that meets required levels of safety and quality
  • Your right to expect NHS bodies (Brent CCG and our local NHS providers) to monitor and make efforts to improve continuously, the quality of healthcare commissioned and provided. This includes improvements to safety, effectiveness and your experience of services. 

Nationally approved treatments, drugs and programmes:

Respect, consent and confidentiality:

  • Your right to be treated with dignity and respect, in accordance with your human rights
  • Your right to accept or refuse treatment that is offered to you
  • Your right to be given information about test and treatment options available to you, what they involve, and their risks and benefits
  • Your right to access your own health records and to have any factual inaccuracies corrected
  • Your right to privacy and confidentiality and to expect the NHS to keep your confidential information safe and secure
  • Your right to be informed about how your information is used. 

Informed choice:

  • Your right to choose your GP practice, and be accepted by that practice unless there are reasonable grounds to refuse, which might include not being acceptable to a practice due to your residential location falling out of the defined GP catchment areas in Brent
  • Your right to make choices about the services commissioned by NHS bodies and to information to support these choices.

Involvement in your healthcare and in the NHS:

  • Your right to be involved in discussions and decisions about your health and care, including your end of life care, and to be given information to enable you to do this
  • Your right to be involved directly or through representatives in the planning of healthcare services commissioned by NHS bodies, the development and consideration of proposals for changes in the way those services are provided, and in decisions to be made affecting the operation of those services.